About Us

Artist Maya Introduces an invidual poral for the world’s largest collection of Upananyanam cards with over unique 200 designs and unlimited options for customisation of the designs. Upanayana  function is one of the most important events in a boy’s life transition to a student. Artist Maya Wedding Cards have created exquisite invitation cards that brings out the meaning of every event in the Upanayanam function in the form of an invitation card with pictures and explanation of the events. All Upanayanam Cards from Artist Maya are a combination of tradition and creativity. It provides the most meaningful invitation wherein each of the invitee understands and appreciates the importance of the Upanayanam function.

Customer's can now choose the card and provide the content over the portal. We would providing the drafted content over the mail, which can be approved. On approval of the drafted content, the cards shall be printed and shipped to the address of your choice.